Artists beware!!!

There unfortunately are many people out there who try to portray they are representing us by advertising showcases, auditions, and making promises of label deals. There are NO artist auditions for Bad Boy Records occurring at our facility!!! Anyone portraying this is committing fraud. Any such events will be posted and announced from this blog site!



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Tony is currently a Partner in Area 51 NYC Studios as well as Director of Audio Ops at Daddys House Recording Studio where he runs the studio operations for Sean Combs. In the past he worked at Unique Recording Studios for 13 years (manager for 8 of those years), and was Director of Audio Operations at the prestigious Sony Music Studios on West 54th Street up until its closing in 2007. Tony has managed numerous Grammy winning and nominated recording and mix engineers, as well as a string of successful producers and songwriters. He has a vast knowledge of record production... writing, recording, mixing, producer and publishing agreements. Other attributes: Business plans, studio design, contract negotiation, artist management, label operations.... View all posts by Tony Drootin

2 responses to “Artists beware!!!

  • Madison

    There’s a guy on face book called Gary Coles has been claiming to be holding showcases at daddy’s house invite only but yet I never see videos or pictures. He always claiming on Facebook to be on the phone with badboy records. I knew something was fishy about him. Thanks for the post up

  • Erica

    My artist CJ H.O.E, received an email from sony records inviting him to an audition taking place at Daddy’s house on June 29th 2014. I just want to make sure this is legit before I make any deposits to hold any spot for my Artist.. Please get back to me ASAP!

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